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Greetings! First post here! Learning App Lab with my students, switching over from App Inventor, and have several students wondering how we can make a scrollable feed of “posts” from a dataset we’ve created. They want to make an instagram clone…Any thoughts on the best place to start?

Start with a single post. What do you want it to look like? Is it a text box with buttons or is it just text? Are images allowed and need to be displayed auto-magically? Can you generalize the layout?

When you have answered that then you can begin to think about which App Lab elements will do what you need. You may have to compromise on requirements if you can’t figure a way to do it.

You will probably not get lots of help here because you don’t have a teacher account and that would be a good Create Task.

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I will say one thing more. Don’t think about scrolling design mode elements. Think about scrolling data across elements.

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Thanks for the reply! Just looking to post a username, timestamp and text data only. I will look into the teacher account for sure, thanks!

If it is all text then a text area will work. If you put more text in than is visible it will scroll with the mouse wheel, etc.