Shapes Placement

I’ve had several students ask how to put a sprite in front of a shape. I know it’s a placement issue, but the combinations I am trying with them aren’t working out.

In the following example, the student wants the runner to cross the finish line (a drawing), then change the set animation. The student wants the sprite to go in front of the finish line, not behind.


Shapes behind sprites

Make sure you shape (finish line) is before drawSprite.


This must have changed since you posted yesterday, because I can’t see a finish line, but depending on what you are doing, you can draw a single sprite by using the text command drawsprite(); Inside the parenthesis, you use the label of the single sprite you want to draw.

That may help.


Hi Mike!

Thanks for reminding me. The error (finish line) is now part of the loop.


I’m thinking the easiest way to solve this one would be to make the finish line a sprite. Then, if it is declared after the track, but before the other sprites, it would sandwich in between.

The other solution would be to draw each sprite individually, but that would be time consuming.