Unit 3 Layering sprites and shapes

I have a student who wants to use a sprite full screen background and then put a shape (ellipse for a plate) and then put another sprite on top of that. We are struggling to do this. Any thoughts?

Thank you,
Mary Kaye

There are a few ways to do that …

You can just create a sprite that is a shape and use it like a sprite, or there is also an undocumented code that you can use to draw a single sprite.

So, instead of using drawSprites( ), you can use drawSprite(sprite);

where sprite is the name of the sprite you want to draw.

Then, you could use drawSprites before drawing the ellipse and then use the singular drawSprite( ) command after that to draw the single sprite.


Wow! Thank you!! I really like that trick…I had no idea!! I appreciate the feedback!!