Share your student work!

Unfortunately, as I am no longer teaching a computer class, I have no student programs to post. I could post my own programs, but that would be like cheating.

Here are just a few from students that wanted to share with me.

What a bumpy ride? As a non-math teacher, I had my computer programming students complete the CS in Algebra. My school isn’t known for liking or excelling in math. Several of my students were failing math at the time we completed this course.

I was impressed by the effort these students gave.

My students struggled a bit because the program seems to let them just click through on the last few lessons. They did do some free play and this is what a couple of them shared with me.

My eighth grade students worked hard on their assignments. It was a struggle at times.
As I reflect back, my eighth grades missed some of the foundational skills and vocabulary covered in the K-5 coursework. Two years ago we had a teacher at each grade level (K-8) teaching lessons. Last year, due to position shifting, budget cuts, and teachers moving, some grades did not get any work during the year. As the eighth graders entered my CS in Algebra course, I noticed that they were missing the foundations. I hope to work with my administration for this coming school year to ensure continuity across grade levels teaching concepts.

Here are some student projects:


The students were engaged and felt rewarded with every successful puzzle completed.