Sharing Apps with mobile phone numbers


I’d love to use the Tutorial when you go to App Lab as a way to help students learn about building their apps, possibly before we begin Unit 4. However, it talks about sharing their apps with peers. Unit 4 does not appear to encourage this (I thought it did last year). My students are in 8th grade so most are older than 13. I am nervous about students sharing apps that they create in their spare time that might be inappropriate. Would I just be “opening a can of worms” by showing them how easy it is to share? I worry about bullying behavior or inappropriate images. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



I’d say this is an excellent time to talk about digital citizenship and how brave students are to share their work with the world. You could have the class sign contracts which they agree to share only with each other and for the purposes of getting better (diving in to the Unit 4 PSP with empathy) and also talk about beta versions and version 1.0 vs 1.1 - how almost every product is a chance to get better and improve your skill and the product itself.

Would love to hear others thoughts on this as well…