AppLab-Share to your PHONE Feature?

Over the last few years, we have been able to send our AppLab Games-Code to our phones. When I click SHARE, I no longer see the option to enter my cell number and get the program sent to my phone. I hope this feature has not gone away.

Please help?


Can you tell me which level you are not seeing it? I see it in App Lab in general and some levels of Code Studio as well.

What do you mean by LEVEL?

Which lesson and which bubble? In this image, I’m in lesson 7 bubble 10 and I have the option to send to phone.

I am not getting those options which I used to get. I am not getting those options in Applab or in any LEVEL within the Unit 3 curriculum.

What am I missing?

Write to and let them know. They can look into your account.

Thanks. I just wrote to them.

Very weird that this sharing feature is not working for me and working for you.