Should I be stretching out 3 lessons to last 5 days?

I’m trying to prepare for the year and I’m struggling to figure out how to spread the lessons around when the lessons are planned around 5-minute classes. But when the lesson plan itself has 50-minute lessons, my classes are 54 minutes each and I see my students every day, what am I supposed to do to make the lessons last longer? Or are these lessons told in a way that makes one think that every class is every other day?

@aharnold our experience is that for teachers who are using our CSP curriculum for the first time the lessons in Unit 1 in particular tend to go a little long. The pacing guide tries to account for that fact. For more help thinking about pacing I highly recommend you check out page 43 of the Curriculum Guide.

Hope that helps!


This is actually really good advice. I skipped over this recommendation for pacing at first because I had already read the pacing notes in the CS Discoveries curriculum and they’re not as detailed as I would’ve wanted if I recall correctly.

You’re an ace, sir.