Snap/Scratch program listing for item 3 of the create task (AP CS Principles)

Do you know of guidance on what constitutes entire program code for a Snap or Scratch program for item 3 of the create task?

I can’t seem to be able to fiind a good (or bad) example of a create task using scratch or snap, although I know they exist.

Snap and Scratch have scripts, costumes and sounds for each sprite and backgrounds for the stage. What do we include in item 3? Label each sprite and its costumes, scripts, etc.?

We could dump the program in an xml file, which while human readable, is not readily human understandable.,

Hello @crankings! Here is a discussion thread I found about exporting scratch code for submission to college board. Also, here is a video that shows how to do it. I hope this helps

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Interesting. So it looks like you take screenshots of the sections, then paste all those images into a document, then print as PDF. Hm, seems like that works.

Yes I take screenshots of questions and put them in a word doc. I then export the doc as a pdf (-for easy of printing to distribute to students). I also make a power point of questions and answers for class discussion (I get the questions form albertio about which you were correct -( you get the first 2 albertio sections free, but have to pay $89 for the rest, which I did). Attached is a sample of the three files: word doc, pdf and the power point. We give the students about 10 minutes to go over the questions and then go over the power point to discuss the answers. It seems to work well and gets the students used to the question format and point out approaches to eliminate answers and look for “tricks” in the questions.

Thanks for the info about section 3, I am going to tell the students to capture the scripts for the major sprites.

(Attachment Presentation-Questions-03-10.pptx is missing)

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