Create Task - pasting entire code

My students are working on their create tasks and paying attention to the samples provided by They have noticed that the entire code is printed as an answer to #3 on the samples. The template provided by AP central does not include a #3, but AP Central does state that the students must paste the entire code.

Where should students paste their entire code? after 2d?
I’m assuming they will also add their references to the end of the same document (in comments within their code) since there is no section on the template for references. Is that correct?

The Create PT requires three submissions (1) Individual Video (2) Individual Written Responses and (3) Program Code.

The entire Program Code should be a separate submission. And within this submission student should mark with an oval and rectangle their code for 2c and 2d.

However, also remind them that in the Individual Written Responses they need to include the code they are writing about for 2c and 2d.

Thanks - that clears it up.

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