Capturing Code for Create Performance Task

Greetings. My students are in the process of wrapping up their Create PT. One question. In the instructions, it states that students will 1. Create a video, 2. Create a PDF of their written responses, and 3. Submit their code. For this last one, it says capture and paste “here”. Where is “here?” Does that mean in a separate pdf, or in the same pdf as there written responses. If the latter, does it go at the very end, after 2d? Thanks.

Hi Matt @almanm,

Great question! When students go to to submit their tasks, there will be three different things they need to submit (which aligns to the 3 things you mentioned). Students will need to make a separate PDF of their code for that portion.

Hope that helps!

Another related question…When using AP Create PT Code Print, you can only draw one oval and one rectangle. Are there ways to change this? I have a student who wants to highlight multiple parts of code in different places in his program. Thanks.