Capture and Paste

Do students really need to make a screen capture for 2C and 2D or can they just copy and paste it? If they are copying and pasting the entire code and adding annotations for their algorithm and abstraction for the code portion, shouldn’t that be enough? I understand it will add to the word count but won’t the reader highlight their responses if they need to check the word count?

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@carmichaelc think this falls under the category of “We don’t know…”

Since this is the first time we are all doing this, I would error on the side of caution. I am having students screen shot it. Screenshots are easier to read than copy and pasting the text. Also, when you look at the examples they all have screen shots.

It does seem redundant but given that is what they requested, students should follow directions in my opinion.

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oops, I told them it is ok to copy and paste code. I asked them to box it.

This Create Task template was downloaded from the CollegeBoard’s forums. It says: 2C Capture and paste an image or images of your program code segment that implements the most complex algorithm you wrote. (marked with a color border below)

However, this is also stated on the College Board’s website:
C. Program Submission
For both the collaborative and individual programs:
● submit program source code in a single PDF document of copy-and-pasted code, either as text or as screenshot(s).

So it sounds like either is fine. No matter what the students are submitting a .pdf so as long as the code can be read easily, I don’t think it matters.


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