Comments in code snippets (responses 2c and 2d)

I am encouraging students to add comments to their program code. When they copy and paste their abstraction/algorithm for responses 2c and 2d in the Create task, do you suggest stripping the comments from the code or keeping them there?


@p00057079 Great question!! I also ask students to put comments in their code as well! I suppose I wouldn’t tell students to strip them out of there for the AP test. I have heard some teachers argue that if the comments are inaccurate or are at odds with what the student writes about, they could lose points (I have heard this argument more for CSA, not CSP), that being said, I don’t see anywhere in the rubric that would suggest this would happen in reality. I would rather have students use their time to write clearly in their tasks rather than go back and remove comments from code… that’s just my $0.02 though!

Any readers have any insight from last year?