Issues with Student assignments now showing completed


I have 3 students in my class whose check your understanding questions are not showing up on my side. I even had them pull them all up in class so I could confirm they had done them. Is there a reason to this? Is there something they might be doing wrong?



Just to clarify – you can see these students on the roster and their CYU answers are blank? Or, you cannot select those students from roster on the blue teacher tool box? Did they access the student-facing page from a direct link or from the tile on their dashboard? The only thing I can think of is that they might have an account not be in your section.



I can see them in my class and I can see some of their responses but not others. When I go to the progress tab, some of their lessons show up green as completed but others don’t.


I will report this but it may make it easier to track responses if you use the report a bug feature in code studio.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


Okay, I did not know that was a feature. I will do that as well.


Hey @kathryn_cogdell just following up from the team. If you haven’t already I agree that this sounds like a tool bug and the best way to get eyes on it will be to email or “Report a Bug” from the menu at the top right of your account. Thanks for letting us know about the issue and hopefully we’ll be able to get it sorted out quickly.


Our school went with one to one ipads this year. I have students that are saying they did assignments as well. I know doesn’t support the ipads for the programming lessons but have you heard anything about losing answers using the submit for the check for understanding and mc? Thanks


I haven’t heard about anything like that, but my students don’t use iPads. I would also report that as a bug too…

Other than that, how is your year going @carmichaelc? It is good to “see” you on the forum again! :slight_smile:


Yep! Classes are going great! One year under my belt made a world of difference. I have four sections of AP CSP again. Results for passing grades last year were better than I expected. I hope I and this year’s students can repeat! Have a great weekend!