Personalized Project Reference screenshot and code formatting question

One student has a long line of code, but instead of rewriting it to be on multiple lines to accommodate a screenshot, can they just put a hard return in the middle of it to put it on two lines? The code still works–it just screenshots better.

And if they do that, should they do that in the final code they submit? Does the final program code need to match the PPR screenshots, or can the PPR screenshots come from a copy of the program file designed for screenshots?


In the instructions, they give you a couple of options, like putting the rest of the code on another line:

Can the students submit screenshots from the PDF in component 1 for component 3 (comments removed of course)? Some of my final students can get better quality from their PDF than within app lab.

I don’t see why that would matter. I have my students submit the pdf of the code in text form. The PPR I have them either “snip” or if it is to large, I have them put that into a PDF and then covert to a png to upload. I hope that helps!