Uploaded code images look bad

Students who take screenshots of their code to upload into the digital portfolio are seeing black artifacting when they hover over their uploaded image afterward. (See attached photo) I’m concerned that this could be an issue later for AP scorers.

I can think of workarounds. That’s not my problem. I’m just curious if anyone is experiencing this and if there are any ideas about what might be causing it.

Here’s the image. Yes, this one doesn’t look that bad, but it’s the only photo I could get before the bell rang. It looked worse for several other students.

Hmm, I haven’t seen this issue in my own class. I’m curious, are you using the built in screenshot? And are you taking a screenshot directly from code studio or from the PDF created by: https://bakerfranke.github.io/codePrint/?

As long as the code isn’t super obscured, I think your students are probably ok. But I definitely agree that its not ideal!

They’re getting screenshots with CMD-Shift-4 on our Macs because it’s so much easier. GOOD NEWS… when my students looked at the PDF that saved, the artifacting isn’t there! Whew!

Awesome, glad to hear it!