Color Widget/Favicon Code Lost

This is VERY TROUBLING. Has anyone else experienced students’ hex or binary code for the color pixelation widget go missing? I have students submit a Google doc of their favicons as an assessment. They screenshot in images. For 2-3 students when I checked code studio, there was no code and no image at all for U2L4 bubble 9 (where you’d expect it to be) or anywhere else. Sadly one student who simply loves art apparently spent days on an enormous ~75x80 pixel image and I suggested that she hadn’t done the work because the code was missing. She got very, very upset, and crying. She has some photos of her screen with the image in progress that she showed me, and I know her from another class so I believe her. App lab has a version history, but I can’t find one for the pixelation widget. I’d really love to find out how I can prevent this from happening again.

@jporter I understand your frustration. Please get in touch with the curriculum team at