Create PT Capture Code Segments

My student is trying to capture her list for the Written Response. Some of the elements of the list are cut off by the width of the programming workspace. We have two options but aren’t sure which we should do:

  1. Capture the image of the list with the end of the list cut off. Does the scorer need to see all elements in the list?
  2. Move the other elements of the list to the next line of code so that they are visible in the captured screenshot. Do the lines of code need to match between the captured segments for the written response and the PDF? If we choose this option, should we recreate the PDF so that the lines of code match?

@ggutierrez for printing you can separate the contents of the list on individual lines. See below.

As long as the reader can see all the code segments, your student will be fine.

Did you try ctrl “-” and zoom the screen out?

I would recommend putting them on separate lines and recreating the PDF of the entire code. The lines should match. If the reader goes to check something and finds the lines do not match, it might raise concerns.