Create PT: How to screen shot list data storage if too spread out?

A student is trying to add a screen shot of how a list is getting its data. However, she does this in several places in her code, so the screen shot would be too big if she included the entire segment straight up. She is wondering how to represent that, since the scoring guidelines say that only the first 2 code segments will be used for scoring. We are not sure if she has to include all the places the list gets data, or just one.

Should she:

a) Create 1 image that combines more targeted segments where data is added to the list, with a … between them to indicate there is missing code? (I told her to circle the places where data is being populated to make it clear she knows what she’s doing…)

b) Just show 1 place where data gets added to the list?

Want to make sure she doesn’t get marked off for having a big program and not being able to fit the parts on a screen, or not showing enough data population. Advice greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Since she will be talking about the list in other responses too, I would suggest she use the code that is populating the list with the data that is being used to respond to other questions. This will make her responses appear coherent.