Sorting, Matching, Counting



Currently (January 17, 2019), both of the activity guides for this lesson ask students to “Choose the type of processing you will use, and explain how it will help you get your output” and refer to “Sorting / Matching / Counting.” I don’t see any reference to processing as “Matching” or “Counting” elsewhere in the curriculum - just Sorting in 1.6 with the number cards. Someone else mentioned this issue in a September 2018 post, and I’m still confused now. Can someone from please clarify and/or update the activity guide so it makes more sense? Thank you!



Hi, we’re in the process of making our revisions to Unit 1, and more practice with identifying what sort of processing might be needed are in there. For now, you could let your students know that “matching” and “counting” just mean the same things that they mean in everyday life. The computer might count how many of something there are, or the computer might see if it can find a match.



There is a really good documentary “The Secret Rules of Modern Living Algorithms” that does a good job of explaining this. You can find it on Youtube. Hope this helps.


This has been on my Netflix watchlist forever. I’ll have to finally set aside the time to watch it!