Sprite gets stuck on Bottom Right Side of Screen

Link to the project or level:

What I expect to happen:
Player should be able to move freely throughout the game and not get stuck on the bottom right hand side.

What actually happens:
When player is moved to the bottom right of the screen, player gets stuck on side wall and cannot move sprite unless it is pushed by a moving platform. (It does not happen on the bottom left hand side).

What I’ve tried:
I have tried changing the velocity of my sprite to x=x+1 in terms of movement.

Thank you very much for any help and insight into why this is happening in that one spot…


Since you are using the “collide” block to govern the interaction with the player and the rightEdge, the player sprite will stop when it is touching the right edge of the screen.

You may want to use “bounceOff” instead of “collide”. Not sure why it doesn’t stick to the left edge, but you may want to use bounceOff with both edges to be safe.

Good luck!


Hi Mike,
An Ah-Ha moment! That makes complete sense. I will let the student know.
Thank you very much as always!