Sprite not appearing in front of background

For some reason one of my students has a sprite called “pellet” appearing behind the background. We have looked at it through several lenses and cannot find the reason.

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Hi Chad,
Had to crop the sprites in the Animation tab, and put the background at the very bottom of the draw loop.

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Hi @chadwicko!

Just wanted to check in to see if your student was able to figure this out?
I didn’t see ‘pellet’ appear in the last link you shared, but I might be doing something wrong.


Still not working, sir.


Finally figured out what the issue is. The Pellet sprite is actually the size of the sprite, not the size of the pellet. So with a starting point of (350, 41) the pellet is way above the canvas. If you change the starting location of the pellet to (350, 350) you’ll see the pellet appear.

Note: I also changed the if condition for the pellet to move by using the down arrow - the mouseOver works too, but the down arrow was easier to control and debug.

Hope that helps!