Sprite.visable = false

My student is trying to get the bear sprite to be visible = false when the c key is pressed and the crab sprite visible = false when the b key is pressed. It appears to me that the code is correct. Any suggestions? Thanks! https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/TMdus9Kqkf0z07lOVOOYgspfBspsh3cWKs5Wz6rqeXo/view

[Moderator: Updated to fix link]

Unfortunately, the link you provided is not working correctly. Did you use the SHARE button in Code Studio to get the link?

@jennifer.hemry, they just need to add a background sprite inside the draw loop. If you think of it as a flipbook style animation, if the animation were done on transparent sheets and you kept flipping through the book, you would still see the drawings on the earlier sheets, but by adding a background (even a white one), you cover up existing drawings with the background of the new drawings.

Hope that makes sense. If not, let us know.