Sprites not appearing despite being "visible", with watchers [Game Lab]

Link to game: Game Lab - Code.org
What I expect to happen: I am trying to create a GUI for my game with buttons to switch between screens. The clickable buttons are supposed to be visible when the GUI is the appropriate number.

What actually happens: Two buttons, “home” and “back3” are not visible. They are still functional and can even be clicked on, but they do not show up. Even watchers will still show them as “visible” but they are not seen in-game.

What I’ve tried: I have tried using drawSprites on those specific sprites, and tried watchers to debug, but they did not work.

Hi @solidstate1024,

Very creative game. The graphics are amazing.

I can get the buttons to show up if I add a drawSprite() directly above the button. So, for example, on changelogf function, I added the following to first few lines of the function:
back3.visible = true;
Now, when you do that, ALL the sprites show up. I knew how to turn off the crystalbackground but didn’t take the time to to hide the other sprites. I was able to get the home button to show as well by added the drawSprite() in a similar manner to the gui==6 section. Again, you’ll need to hide the other sprites.

Hope this helps? Share the game when you are done!

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