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Good morning! I am so glad I have run into today. I wanted
to talk to you about this new course being offered called Computer Science
Principles. It’s an Advanced Placement course that is designed to introduce
students to the field of computer science as a whole.

Did you know that statistics show that there are
approximately 1.4 million jobs in the field of computer science and only about
400,000 people in the pipeline to fill those jobs? We really need to be
preparing students for those opportunities. Another great thing about this
course is that it has been designed in such a way that it actually supports the
goals of the new SAT test.

This course was designed by the college board and an
organization called to provide a turnkey curriculum that would allow
any teacher with some basic understanding of how a computer works to teach this

What our district really needs from you is a directive to
our principals to find a teacher who would be willing to teach this course in
every one of our high schools.