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Share elevator pitches here for talking with administrators.

Any teacher can teach it and any student can take the class and be successful

Elevator Pitch for School Administrator

This class with teach the students skills the will make them more productive citizens

the curriculum is already written

can be taught as an AP or non Ap course with the benefit of the non AP student getting the exposure

if students are enrolled in the AP class it could help with the school grade/ can increase the school grade if more students pass the AP exam

To help the school To become a STEM school

Gives the school more prestige because of offering another AP class

part of this program is to have inclusion for all students for example,
include more females, and minority students who in past have not had the exposure.

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Elevator Speech
(GPHS Administrators)

Good Afternoon and I know that you are quite busy but I would like to take a minute in order to discuss with you the possibility of implementing a new Computer Science Class and how it is needed here at Gwynn Park High School because every 21st Century student should have the opportunity to learn about Computer Science and I will gladly facilitate and organize any of the logistical matters that may be needed. I’m not sure that you are aware of this but after a preliminary study conducted last spring by a few interested students from the STEM club and FOT class, the results indicated that there are 80% of students who desire to take the course.

What an opportunity this would be, do you agree? This class will coincide with our County’s initiative for preparing our students to become “College and Career Ready” and ECS is a college preparatory course that focuses on foundational computer science concepts and computational practices.

I would like to set up an appointment with you in order to discuss in further details why this could be one of the opportunities of all times. Thank you for taking the time out to listen to me.

Administrators from NYC:

What do you really know about the internet, how messages are actually sent from one person to another? When was the last time you heard about a cyber-attack or worried about your privacy and your information being safe and secure?

This new class, AP Computer Science Principles, introduces that to the students of all backgrounds, it engages them in an exploration process from how computers and the internet works. Students work collaboratively to explore concepts, working together to evaluate and analyze concepts using online and project based tools to develop a definition for these concepts through their actions, research, and learning. It isn’t just them sitting down and programming, they are developing life-long learner skills and a comfort with exploration, failure before success, and communication skills. They will be using Danielson/Academic Language throughout the year to not only learn concepts but learn how to describe, analyze, apply, evaluate, construct, and write about their learning. They go on to learn conceptually about programming and at the end learn about data and how to really work with it – something that I know you do on a daily basis, rounding out their Computer Science Introduction while applying various skills developed throughout their other classes.

The best part, it starts with them needing no prior knowledge about computer programming/concepts and they leave with a broad understanding of the computer world around them, the opportunities available and remember it’s an AP Class.

TOPICS We wanted to cover:

  • Improve AP numbers and data points
  • Student centered learning, project based
  • Rigorous
  • Incorporates learning, analyzing, evaluating (Danielson, Academic Language)
  • Spark interest in college and career ready concepts – not just programming, its creating Computer Scientists not just programmers
  • Life Long learning skills
  • Directly connects with English, Science, Tech, Math
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