E-mail to counselors to enroll the "right" students into CSP


This is an update to this old thread: http://forum.code.org/t/sample-letter-to-principal-or-counselor-about-csp/1397
A couple people expressed interest in this resource recently at #TeacherPalooza2016 #TeacherCon #CSP4Lyfe so I thought I’d revive it…

This following is just a copy/paste from my post in that thread (this is my own personal letter that I wrote, not an officially code.org endorsed letter)…

You’re probably busy scheduling students these days and I’m not sure what information you have about the new AP Computer Science Principles course, so I wanted to chime in with some info that hopefully you find helpful for talking to students about the class and scheduling them!

One of the main goals of the AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) course is to broaden the appeal of computer science to as many students possible. The course is full of activities designed to be engaging and accessible to all students, and the content requires NO FORMAL PREREQUISITES OR SKILLS. For example, students don’t need to be experienced with computers nor acing calc to be a good fit for the class. Please be especially mindful to reach out to students who typically might not even think of themselves as someone who would take a computer science class, and historically this has been females and minorities.

Please also keep in mind this is still an AP course. The students will be learning and applying skills (programming, reflective and persuasive writing, performing structured group activities) that require dedicated time and focus to be successful. For example, students who have not shown the discipline to pass Algebra 1 would likely do poorly in this course.

It would be fantastic if you could keep these two factors in mind for the students when you’re scheduling them or discussing their schedule with them (DIVERSITY + Good WORK HABITS).
Please let me know if you have questions, or feel free to direct students my way (room ___ ) if they have questions about the new Computer Science Principles course.

Thank you!

TL; DR: Regarding the new AP Computer Science Principles course, please encourage as DIVERSE a student population as possible, as long as they have good WORK HABITS.