Start Screen for Games



I would like my students to create a start screen or direction screen for their games in Lesson 22, however we are stuck on how to do this. Did we miss this in a Lesson somewhere? Can someone at least point me in the right direction where to go back and look. Or try to explain it here.



Here is one way to look at it.
Hopefully it makes some sense.

//create all of your sprites but make only the ones you need for the start screen visible. 
// you can either make the x and y value of the sprite such that the will not appear on the screen
// or set visible = false 

//this var will tell us what screen to draw
var screen = "start" ;

function draw()
  if(screen == "start")
   //This condition will be true at the start and here is where all of the code to draw the start screen 
   //is put. 
  //We also need a mechanism to change the value of screen to "playing". 
 //This could be a timer var reaching a certain value or a MousePressedOver(sprite) function as a 
 //condition to an if statement.  

  else if(screen == "playing")
     //here is all of the code for when the game is playing
    //we will have to first, hide all of the sprites that we don't want to see from the "start" screen again 
   //either by moving them off the screen  sprite.x  = 500 or by setting sprite.visible = false ;

     //This could be where the end game screen code is.

}//end of the draw function.


Hi Sarah,

I’m working on something that might be relevant to you, and I’ll send you a private message about it. It’s not something we’re ready to publish, but if you’d like to take a look at it knowing that it could change under your feet, you can give it a try.



That would be great!