Structure of the Course

Do you plan to change the order you teach the units? Do you only have 5 students in your class and need ideas on how to scale the lessons down? Do you only have access to a class set of computers one day out of the week? Here is a space to post all of your course structure ideas, questions, and thoughts.

I will teach the units according to the already established order due to the fact that the curriculum is new to me. However, I am in the process of trying to peruse the units ahead of time in order to establish the vocabulary connections as well as organizing myself to the overall ECS curriculum. I have two large ECS classes that I am teaching this year. Students are still being added or dropped in various classes. We have started with Unit 1 and the literature readings. We will continue to dig deeper into the curriculum next week.

My challenge now will be to set up accounts. Overall, inspite of the large classes, weeks 1 (short week-with taking care of school & classroom policies and procedures) and 2, was fairly successful. :slight_smile: