Student Accountability

How do you hold students accountable for completing the activities? There is no immediate grading and I have 30+ students I am looking at their work every day and give feedback to them. It is overwhelming me! I try to look at everything and help them with code formatting and best practices for coding and programming because I want them to be aware.

First of all, welcome to the forum!
Second, the struggle is real! I have fairly large classes as well and checking work is difficult. I’ve seen different teachers with different strategies that have worked for them.

  • Some have a checklist of specific stages they want to see and they just work the room while the kids are working looking over shoulders and observing. They check their list as they go and this works for them.
  • Some people have specific stages (usually assessment levels) that they have due dates for and they check them like a homework assignment and assume that the levels leading up to it are done well enough or they wouldn't be able to complete the assessment levels.
  • Other people spot check and students know that anyone's work could be checked at any level at any time so they need to complete all their work.
  • Still others simply check for completion then give quizzes on the content.
I know this isn't a clean, cut/dry answer, but hopefully it sparked some ideas for you.
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Thank you for commenting on this. I have been doing the checklist but it just seems like so much work. I was trying to avoid making more tests/quizzes but I may need to do that in the future. All of my students are at different levels of understanding. I think that is what makes it so difficult to keep track.

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