Student bug - rotation and conditionals to switch direction

Link to the project or level: Game Lab -

I want for the stars to rotate, and once they reach a certain rotation, they rotate the other way.
What is happening is the star doesn’t move at all, or it just rotates one way, and once it reached the point I want it to be at, it just stops.

What I’ve tried: she tried adding a variable but it isn’t working.


Right now, the rotation is working as programmed. Star1 is told to only rotate if the rotation is equal to 180 or -180 (and the variable is correct as well), but since rotation starts at 0, it will never respond to those conditionals.

Star2 is rotation (without condition) and star3 doesn’t have any commands telling it to rotate.

I did remix your project though and show you one way you could achieve your desired effect. I used your rotate variable and instead of using yes or no, I used “clockwise” and “ccw”. When the rotation is greater than 180, I have it switch to ccw and when it gets less than 0, I have it switch back to “clockwise”. Then, I have conditionals telling it to add or subtract to the rotation depending on the variable.

I hope this helps see one way you could accomplish this. Good luck!