Student lack of engagement Unit 3 Chapter 1

Surprisingly, I am struggling with student behavior in this chapter. I have a few students who totally “Get” it and the rest don’t. The ones who do are bored because they finish early and the don’ts are checking out. It is very difficult to teach this to a large group, and when I do, by pushing my screen out to theirs, they check out. If I go to help an individual, the rest start messing around. I’ve graded several bubbles, providing feedback, so they know they must do each task.

Hi @susan.honsinger!

I’ve experienced this before.

I’m wondering if you’ve tried to leverage those who ‘get it’ to become your assistants in the classroom? I’ve used my students who were able to complete the lesson faster than others to help students who were stuck.

I spend some time speaking to the students who usually finish first, and discussed their roles as my assistants. I made sure they knew they were only a guide and not giving away answers.

I do that to some extent but I may try to make it more official.

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