Unplugged activities for Unit 3

Is there any unpluggegd activities for Unit 3
We are on chapter 2 and my admin just told me yesterday that my student will not be able to use the computer for the rest of the quarter.
hmmm… Now I’m not sure what to do

First off, terrible principal to suggest such a thing to the computer science teacher. A student’s bad behavior shouldn’t mean you have to do twice the planning. But here are some suggestions…

-Have them sit next to another student working and be the “navigator” while the other student is the “driver” and doing all the touching of the computer. Have them share a grade.
-On occasion, assign them small amounts of Code.org activities as homework that they can complete outside of school using a device (assuming they have access to one at home).

I don’t envy you. Good luck.

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That is a rough one … Unit 3 is a programming unit, so it could be a little difficult.

I like the suggestion of pair programming and navigating while another does the work, but depending on the classroom dynamics, that could cause some problems as well.

If I were in that situation, I would probably look ahead to unit 4 and have that student do something different than the rest of the class. There are a lot of lessons in unit 4 that could be adapted to be done by a single student (even if not ideal).

They would still be doing computer science, but not the same thing as everyone else.

In my school, if that were to happen, I believe the student would have to find another class to take because being on the computer is kind of the point, but you may not have that option.



I’m not sure from your post if you have done unit 1 and 2. If not, Unit 1 may be something to look at for your student. It’s a problem solving unit.

The earlier suggestions are very good. I might add that you could have the student do pseudo coding activities as well. It’s not perfect, but it could do in a pinch.