Ideas for an unplugged version?


The CS Discoveries class has 3 weeks without a computer. Which,for a lot of classes, is wonderful! In my city, often we can’t hope the computers will work on day one. In my case, I have an unfinished computer lab. And the district isn’t finishing the job until they get wireless cards.

Day 1 - 3 are taken care of, sort of.Day 4 uses the internet. And every class afterwards requires internet use. Is there a way to teach this lesson without the internet?

I’m obviously overwhelmed by my situation.


Hi @aaron,

Currently the lessons you mention are designed to be taught using the Internet Simulator. I believe there are some teachers who have made modifications to these lessons to be taught unplugged, and I hope they will weigh in here. There are ways to mimic the Internet Simulator with post it note passing, following strict rules.

Another alternative would be to extend the first few lessons with additional unplugged activities. Check out for some ideas.

~ Hannah