Help! NO computers!


I am at a school where my computers are not set up yet!!! I’ve been moving through the unplugged lessons but are there any supplemental lessons I can use to stall the class?



Check out CS Unplugged for a list of many great unplugged activities you could use while waiting for your computers to get set up.Alternately I know some teachers have tried to run some of the Internet Simulator lessons in an unplugged format and have just enforced the restrictions of the tool themselves. Let us know if you’d like more guidance and good luck getting those computers set up.

GT Wrobel
Curriculum Development Manager


hey, @yesicatrujillo!

i’ll give a big +1 to gt’s point about experimenting with unplugged versions of the internet simulator. for example, with lesson 3 (which is the a/b version) you could use flashlights and have students cover and uncover their eyes to mimic “reading the wire”.

another option is to pull some lessons form units 1 and 2 of the Exploring Computer Science course. this introductory course is packed with unplugged lessons early on, and unit 2 is all about problem solving.

good luck!



I would also check out the first 3 lessons of our programming unit (Unit 3) which are all unplugged: Check out lessons 1,2,3

Yes, it’s skipping ahead a little but I don’t think it ruins anything. It’s an equal-opportunity set of activities and at least if you used them you could simply recall them later and make up for lost time.

CSP Team


@yesicatrujillo I wonder if this might be a good time talk about impact in class. You could print off some articles about recent technology news and hold discussions/debates about them.

There are also a few relevant movies that I show during the year. One is the “The Human Face of Big Data”. This year I am considering showing Lo and Behold. Both of those could be shown and then discussed/debated. It might be a good time to practice writing for the AP task as well.