Not having the time nor the computer laptops to complete the last 3 Units

What can I do to complete the last three Units in for Computer Science Discovery without Laptops?

Hi @brerobinson,

Can you tell us a little more so we can better help you? I’m assuming you have no computers for the rest of the year - correct? Also, what Units have you covered so far?


Currently, I am in Unit 1-Problem Solving and Computing. In Code irg. The Mississippi Department of Education curriculum has four units that I have not covered. Those are: Interactive Games and Animation, The Design Process, Data, Computers and Society, Physical Computing.
Hopefully, this helps with getting me though the last units of the MDE curriculum.
Brenda Robinson

That’s a tough one to not have computers for these units. Interactive Games & Animations would be a very hard unit to try without the use of computers because it is very code-heavy and the interactivity of it is what makes it motivating for students. The Design Process & Data and Society units both have sections that can easily be completed as unplugged. Consider completing only the first chapter of the units if time is an issue. Physical computing also relies heavily on coding and the use of Circuit Playgrounds and computers. If you have enough computers to cover half of your classes, you might consider approaching the coding units using Pair Programming. Here are a couple of support articles that may help:
Do I need computers for every student?
How does Pair Programming on work?

Thank you for your help.

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