What to do when network crashes?

Would love to hear ideas for what you do when you show up and the school has no internet. Showed up for the first day after break and had no internet and no back up plan. Made for a very rough period! So now I know I need a file of back ups for just such occasion.

Losing internet access is quite disheartening. The curriculum team had made some provisions for that instance. All the videos for the lessons are downloadable. There are some optional lessons that can be used. Units 1 and 4 has optional unplugged lessons that can be used. Unit 1 has 5 lessons. https://curriculum.code.org/csp/unit1/ Unit 4 has 2 lessons https://curriculum.code.org/csp/unit4/

I hope this helps.

This has happened to us as well! Colorado School of Mines piloted “unplugged” lessons on various computer science concepts last year. I went to the training and have taught all the lessons. They can easily fit in the CS Discoveries when Internet is down. http://csunplugged.mines.edu/resources.html


Happened to me twice this year! Right in the middle of the lessons on Internet reliability - :zipper_mouth: I am required to have emergency lesson plans that are not online so we have a few on deck. I have a file of relevant articles on various topics especially those that will generate discussion and reflection. If the students are familiar with a discussion protocol, then a ‘new’ lesson can be created quickly. When I taught engineering, I had a library of tech magazines to direct students to find their own articles. I should probably revive that…

Other ideas:
SAT/ACT test prep
Logic puzzles
Career/college prep - resumes, interviewing skills, filling out applications

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