Hurricane Michael Students- No Internet HELP!



Good Morning Everyone!

I was teaching CSD in Panama City Beach, prior to Hurricane Michael hitting. We start back at school this Tuesday, November 13, and most of our kids won’t have computers or internet access yet.

Does anyone have any ideas on things we can do for class that don’t need a computer? We were on the HTML section right before the storm hit. The kids are mainly 6th graders and have been out of school for over a month.

Thanks for any ideas you can send my way :slight_smile:


You could do a lot of the html unplugged. While not ideal, you could do it. Maybe use sentence strips or something for lines of code or tags. Kids can manipulate information and discuss how it would appear on the page? Maybe even sketch what it would look like.

Are there no computers at all, or just no internet? Even with just one computer you could install an offline html editor like CoffeeCup and use it to enter code and preview. That would be a good way to show their sentence strip coding. Just shooting from the hip here.


I am in a similar situation where a student has had a major concussion and is not allowed technology use due to his recovery. I am curious if anyone has modified any lessons for Unit 2-html to allow for this.


I had a similar situation with a student having a concussion. I know he wasn’t allowed technology for a long while. I was also in Unit 2. I had him do several different written activities with the code. I ended up tutoring him directly while others worked on levels. It certainly wasn’t easy for him or me and I don’t know that he really got the depth of knowledge the other students were able to achieve. Maybe others have suggestions?