Emergency Sub Plans Needed for Offline Activities

Does anyone have emergency lesson plans for CS that are offline? If you have a favorite site for worksheets, etc., I would love to hear about them. I’ve missed my deadline for submitting my emergency sub plans, and my new principal is breathing down my neck! TIA!

@achamberlain Just one quick idea for you. There are a number of “unplugged” lessons out there. One of my favorite sites is CS Unplugged but you will need to take a little time and peruse the topics and select ones that are good for your class and that you feel your substitutes could teach.

I should add that some of them are for younger students, so when reviewing them, you may need to make sure they are age appropriate and/or you modify them a little to make them appropriate for your age of students.

The nice thing is that the lesson plans are all there and all you need to teach them is explained, so if you need a handful, you could probably pull it together in a short amount of time.

Anyone else have some good unplugged sub plans?



Thank you! This is incredibly helpful!