Sub for 3 days will be on Unit 3, Lesson 8

I am going to the ACTE conference next week so I will have a sub Wed-Fri. I was going through the lessons but realize they are getting much harder and don’t know if my kids can do them on their own. Lesson 8, 10 are unplugged but I don’t know if the sub can run them correctly.

Does anyone have ideas of what I can have my kids do while I am gone? Do you have any suggestions on documentaries or code movies they could watch and reflect on? Thanks for the help!

Hi Kim,

Here is one idea. I saw this post in the forum not too long ago where the teacher created two challenges for the students. He has created the step-by-step guides. There is the original challenge and then an extension below the first post.

Looking forward to seeing what others suggest!

Thank you That first link looks great. Now I will go explore the rest!