Looking for Meaningful Lessons for Emergency Sub Plans


My school requires several days of emergency lesson plans be provided at the start of the school year. Like most teachers I hate to miss a day for many reasons; however, due to illness in my extended family I am guaranteed to miss a few days near the start of the school year without much notice.

I’m trying to find meaningful lessons to leave for my class to work on while there is a sub. Any and all ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I had my students also enroll in an Hour of Code class so that if I’m absent they can work on that.


Thanks. I looked at that as an option. I think I’m going to have them sign up for the khan academy programming lessons to use while I’m out and assign some challenges to complete. Kind of the same idea I suppose.


I would write ups having the sub use Hour of Code or the Express Course. That way you are reinforcing the coding, and making it easy on a Sub with little or no experience. You could also plan some simple unplugged lessons, or an alternate lesson that is supplimental. I use the history of computing, or something related. Anything to keep the students from just wandering off to Youtube or something! Have the students lead the lessons…if you know you are out, make the expectation that the students will provide 10-minute “mini” tutorials on artist, app lab, web lab, or any other way to showcase talent, and teach the class something new! The sub just moderates the event!


Thanks, I like the mini-lesson idea. Like you said, I’m trying to stay away from things the sub wouldn’t know how to do while still holding the kids attention so they don’t wander to youtube.


Hi @robuck.mark - A bunch of teachers in the past have used the CS Unplugged resources (http://csunplugged.org/activities/) to create sub plans as well. Some of them might be easy enough for a sub to run.



Thanks Dani, I’ll look over them and see if I find something I like.



Another idea is to use the magazine Careers with Code and do a jigsaw activity where different groups read over the different careers and report out on their career. I tied in how did the person use technology to solve the problem presented in the article, as well as, a highlight on the career aspect of how much money they make, what schooling to get, etc.


Does code.org have any unplugged lessons for cs principles? I’m looking for some sub material. I see some unplugged lessons but only for CSD. csunplugged.org looks too simple for a high school AP class.


You could redo some of the card games in Unit 3 finding the min/max number in a set of 8 cards or there are some activities from https://code.org/curriculum/unplugged that would be fun for any age. I usually have enough copies made of multiple activities, with the supplies necessary ready to go in a filing cabinet.


Does this magazine still exist? I went to the website and it gave me an error. Thanks!