I need a quiet Substitute teacher activity

My principal is taking over my class on Friday while I drive my daughter to college - and we are scheduled to discuss Inputs and Outputs that day. He doesn’t want to teach the lesson, just oversee the class. I’m looking for a quiet activity that the students can do that is relevant to Unit 1 topics. We are one to one on Chromebooks and use Google Classroom. Any ideas?

Did you come up with any ideas? I am in a similar boat myself and looking for anything to help.

Chantal and Torri,

I don’t know how your schools feel about movies/Netflix - but there is a great 45 minute documentary on Netflix called “Algorithms: The Secret Rules of Modern Living” that might help out.

Sorry this wasn’t answered earlier!



I’m also taking my child to college at the beginning of the year! I’m considering showing the film “Hidden Figures” available on Amazon because I’ll be gone at least 2 days. There are lots of educational resources for the film on TeachersPayTeachers.


On substitute days, I try to find a relevant topic on Flocabulary.com for them. Flocabulary uses a rap song/video for the topic, and then there are online and offline activities for students. I can check their progress from afar!

My emergency substitute plan is for students to complete an Hour of Code activity with them taking several screen shots showing the date and time as evidence that they completed the activity. I include in my directions that students may ask another student for help if stuck, but everyone has to keep working on their own activity. If there is still class time remaining when finished they are to write a paragraph stating what they liked or disliked about the activity.


This is amazing! I use Hour of Code for a reward we work toward so this is great! Do you have a copy of your directions/plan? Thank you!!

I have my students work on the 20 hour Accelerated Course throughout the semester to help build vocabulary and foundational skills. Any time we have 5 extra minutes they work on it or if I have a sub it also gives students something to focus on. I break the course up and grade it one point per bauble (for completion with the correct number of blocks) as an additional grade to have in the grade book.


This sounds great. Where is the 20 hour Accelerated Course?

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Yes! Flocabulary has some awesome videos!

Here’s the direct link, but you can also assign it to students in your code.org class.