Good activity for 45-50 minute class with sub

Hi everyone,

My class has finished up Unit 1 and is starting Unit 2. I have to miss a day of class early next week, and want to leave behind an activity for the sub that isn’t as demanding as many of the lessons on Code Studio.

Does anyone have any good ideas for enrichment activities, review activities, movies, etc. that are both reasonably easy to facilitate but also useful for the kids while I’m gone? My class is 45-50 minutes long.


I usually have students work on an extension activity listed at the end of the lessons that require some reading from Blown to Bits.

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Hi Emily,

I would recommend U2L1 as a lesson can be done with a sub and it could be tweaked so it can be done after U2L2. I would feel comfortable starting students on the U2L3 and having them finish with the sub. It is great opportunity to ‘deputize’ some student helpers as a resource.



I did a socratic seminar today with Chapter 3 from Blow to Bits. If I had had a sub, I would have had them read and annotate the chapter with the sub, and prepare questions for when I returned. Then I would have a quick discussion the next day before moving on to the next lesson. Chapter 3 dovetails nicely with a lot of concepts from Unit 2.