Unexpected absence right when getting ready to begin Unit 5



I was planning to begin Unit 5 in 2 days, but now I have to be gone for a funeral out-of-state for a few days. My students are presenting their Unit 4 Apps in the next couple of days while I am here. I don’t know how to have a sub start a unit that I’ve never even taught. It is very overwhelming. I teach CSD to 2 classes of sophomores. Any ideas on what would keep that many high schoolers busy for 2-3 days so I can just begin Unit 5 when I return?


I was out unexpectedly last year for two and half months due to a broken ankle. Because code.org is online, I could monitor their progress. I used Google Classroom to post up instructions for the kids to follow. I am not sure what you would like to do, but in this case, if they have already done the game lab lessons, I would assign them to go into Game Lab and practice what they have learned. And create a game and save it as a project, which you can see remotely to check their progress. Especially if it is just for a short trip. Or have them create an app in app lab. Either one works as it will save to projects. Just be sure to tell them what to save it as.



I might also suggest the Hour of Code App Lab activity - it’s an extension of what you just did with them, they have another online tutorial/resource and then like Kimberly mentioned - have them explore App Lab - this will also play off if you are going to get to Unit 6.

Hope that helps!