Substitute Plans



I need ideas for an 80 minute block substitute plan. They will have just finished 1.1 and will do 1.2 with me when I get back. But I need something that a substitute can do to help them with the concepts in Unit 1.


Hi @torri.egan,

I don’t have any sub plans off the top of my head, but an additional place to try if you’re on Facebook is the Facebook group “AP CS Principles Educators”. It’s a closed group, so you’ll have to request access and there’s some turnaround time. Not sure how soon you need these plans.

Also not sure what your sub situations usually look like, but for me, I can pretty much rely on a sub to just play a video and/or hand out a worksheet (and sometimes even those plans fall through). Perhaps have students read an article relevant to the unit and have a few reflection questions. There’s this article from the “extended learning” section of lesson 4 that touches on other parts of the unit without giving too much away… although it looks to get pretty heavy near the end:

It being a long period, I might do a mix and match of several “easy” activities, like a reading with questions followed by a video. Sorry to be short on specifics. Hopefully others can chime in with some ideas.