Student wants a third background to show up


His first two backgrounds are sprites and show up appropriately when the score reaches the right amount. Those backgrounds are sprites.

To add to the game he would like a third background to show up after a higher score. This background is an actual background where he has two colored backgrounds at random numbers. This background worked in this game when the score reached 100 points

He thought to set it up like the rabbit/coin game, but it is not working. Any ideas why not. THANK YOU!


I’m no expert on this by any stretch of the imagination so I’m taking a stab at it…

This is the student’s game & it uses the if/else blocks for everything. Line 33 has the boolean for “bg1”.

This one is the example game with the bunny. The code is pretty different. This one uses only the if blocks within the draw loop with no boolean. Could this be the issue?


Thank for the idea! We’ll give it a try. :slight_smile: