Student wants help with App Lab

Once her App gets to Question 3, she wants her App to randomize and give her user a pet based on their answers. This is beyond my scope of knowledge! Any help?

Hi @rovershiner,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m a bit confused – does she want the app to randomize, or does she want it to give information based on their answer? Or does she want the questions to appear in a random order, but still take their answers? Please clarify what she wants it to do so we can assist further.

That said, I’m assuming based on the time of year that this is for the Unit 3 project? If so I’d encourage her to fill out the App Development Planning Guide and use the skills she has gained so far to make her app work the way she wants, or if that’s not possible, to pare down her wishlist to something manageable.

(Remember: just because something may be possible doesn’t mean it’s possible for your students to do it with the skills they have right now, and so she may be better served to have this wish list item wait for a bit.)

Hope that helps!
–Michael K.

It sounds like the student wants her app to give an answer based on the questions asked. In this case, I would second what @mkmietowicz said and have her put it on the back burner until she’s got the skills necessary. AI Lab seems like a good way to make this kind of app, since it incorporates directly with App Lab, and doesn’t require the student to have to come up with every single combination of answers.

Yes! Thank you! She’s very mad at me, but she’s only in 6th grade and has many opportunities ahead to learn more!

Thank you!

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