Suggestions for developers

Maybe there’s a way to do this and I haven’t figured it out yet:

  1. I teach multiple preps of CSP and I was wondering if there’s an easier way to wipe the entire lesson I did to prepare for another class that’s coming in rather than go to each one and “start over” on each bubble to avoid showing answers or work done to the new class. If this isn’t any option, can we PLEASE make it one? It’s just tedious.
  2. Do we have a PAUSE button for running the programs yet? If so, can I ask why not? This is my third year with CSP and since my first day teaching it, I always asked myself why there isn’t one and STILL isn’t one.

@gerardo.sanchez -There have been times where I too would like able to clear out past work and reset myself to square one. For the programming steps I just click "version history’ and choose start over. I would recommend sending that feature request to

For the second request, while there is not a “Pause” button, you can set breakpoints in the code by clicking on the number for that line of code. When the code hits that point it will stop and you can choose what to do from there. Does that give you want you want?