SuperCodingBall - learn code through football

Hello, I’m working on a website to learn programming through football (as part of an internal competition in my company)
It’s free and open source => (GitHub - Orange-OpenSource/super-coding-ball: SuperCodingBall is a free educational game, which aims to introduce programming, through the theme of football!)

The principle is simple:

  • the player will train a team of 4 footballers (the humans) who will face 4 monsters
  • the team’s strategy is made with blocks, then the game takes place automatically following the strategies of the two opponents
  • there is an offline mode to face ready-made teams, and an online game to face your friends

It is made with Angular and Blockly (the library also used by Scratch) and is available in English and French (translators welcomed!)

I’d love to see adoption in schools (I’ll try to promote the app for back to school, even though I don’t really know how yet!).

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to report bugs/improvements/etc