Syllabus for Students and Parents


Anyone have a sample syllabus they wouldn’t mind sharing? School starts Monday and I need to put something together.


What kind of syllabus are you planning on? My math syllabus, for example, is really course expectations and policies, not what’s covered. Let me take a quick stab at converting it for CSD, and I will throw that up here ASAP. If someone has improvements, they’ll be most welcome!


I need to include an overview, how the students will be graded, behavior, etc. I am struggling with the grading. I was going to work on it but I there was a death in my family and I had outpatient surgery last week. I am having a difficult time putting it together.


I am attaching my syllabus now - thanks for giving me the push to finish it! If you click on link, you can make a copy and edit that for your own use.


Thank you for sharing. This will really help!