Symbols in Teacher Dashboard

Attached is a screen shot for part of the student completion of lesson steps. There’s a new symbol - a filled bubble with some design.

That’s the Pair Programming symbol - any bubble with that icon was completed while paired with another student.

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Thank you! Have a great weekend!

Just noticed this, too. How does the curriculum determine that the students were working together (and who the partners are)?

(It does seem to be accurate, but I’m not seeing where the students enter that information)

There is a blog post that explains how the process is done in detail. See the link below.
Pair Programming

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I’ve run into an additional problem with the pair programming. Some of my students are experiencing an issue where they complete reflection questions (for instance in CPS 3.8) individually, then log-in to pair programming. Their answers then disappear from their (and my) dashboard…and stay gone even if they unpair.

Their guess is that it’s saving a specific student’s answers (in this case, a student who hadn’t yet done the reflection questions). Is this correct? Is there a workaround?

I am sorry that you are having this difficulty. It seems you’re experiencing a bug. Please send ticket to the team: or click on the report a bug at the top right corner of the menu.